About the Author

David L. Foster is the author of over thirty New York Times bestsellers, including…

Wait, no. That’s somebody else. My ego is smaller than that opening statement, and so are my accomplishments. I’m a pretty average person with a day job and a family, a house and a dog, living in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon.

Everyone has something that makes them a little bit unique, though, right? For me, it’s my obsession with books. I read one or two books each week, reading while drifting off to sleep, while eating lunch, while waiting in the parking lot for the kids to come out of school… you know—a lot.

Not only does this make for a pricey habit, buying all these books, but it leaves me thinking about characters and stories all the time. Some of these characters and stories even get written down.

So that’s me: a guy with a bit of a book obsession who likes to write stories. And just by the fact that you’re here, reading this, I’m guessing that you like to read stories. Maybe we can help each other out.