Feedback is trickling in…


I got my first negative review on Amazon today. I feel like I’ve finally arrived.

It’s good to know what the book “…was totally without merit, it had nothing that held interest, made sense.” So, that’s exactly what I was going for, right?

On the other hand, I got this (paraphrased) casual feedback from a friend:

a) I really, really liked it

b) The power went out for 5 hours last night. Until I knew what caused it (because it was a good 40-mile radius of NO LIGHTS), I was quite the basket case. I fully blame your book.

So on the whole I’m feeling good. Some lady in Kansas isn’t a fan, but I got to freak out one of my friends!

(And if you’re reading this, I think it’s about time you went and posted your own review of Coyote on Amazon.)

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