Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1, by Bobby Adair

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I’ve read all nine books in this series. I’ve also read many, many other zombie and post-apocalyptic series. (I even wrote my own post-apocalyptic novel.) This series is the best of the lot.

The whole series is filled with intensely real characters, both the main characters as well as minor ones. Each person has their own quirks, their own personality, and their own agenda. As a bonus, the main character, Zed, is one of the most loveable, relatable, marginally incompetent heroes you’ll ever meet. Couple this with tense, vivid action scenes as well as the main character’s unique personality and outlook on life, and you’ve got a whole series of books that you can’t put down.

I can’t give this book and the series that follow any higher recommendation.

Slow Burn: Zero Day

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