The Spookshow (Book 1), by Tim McGregor

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The Spookshow: (Book 1) by [McGregor, Tim]


This was really very well done; a gripping story with some seriously spooky moments and very real-seeming characters. I’ve read a good deal of horror, and this author does a better job than most of creeping me out. And it’s all done without the splatter, gore, and sexual overtones of many horror series.

Many reviewers have complained about this actually being the second book in the series, temporally speaking, and that’s true. But I found that to just add some spice to things. I don’t feel like I missed anything really crucial, and the occasional revelation that a few characters had a history I didn’t know just added another layer of interest.

The book is pretty short, but it’s free, so I can’t complain about that. I’m guessing that the author felt this was his strongest story, and the best way to get a reader hooked on his series – it worked for me.

Finally, the editing was superb. I make a habit of highlighting any errors I find, and I only found four, which may be a record.

I’ll be reading book 2 soon, which I understand is a prequel, and then fully expect to move on to the rest of the series.

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