Welcome to the Spookshow: Spookshow 2, by Tim McGregor

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Welcome to the Spookshow: Spookshow 2 by [McGregor, Tim]

Welcome to the Spookshow

I enjoyed the whole Spookshow series. Yes, it’s kind of lame to post the same review for each novel, but I tore right through them and honestly can’t remember which was which – they were all good.

(Note: Book 2 is actually, chronologically for the people in the books, the first volume in the series.)

These are good adventure tales populated by people who act in realistic ways when faced with impossible situations. There’s no blindly stumbling into danger, or when there is it’s because the characters honestly don’t understand or can’t accept what’s going on. Finally, the characters are honestly traumatized by what happens to them, as they should be.

Finally, the best part is what’s not there. No shiny vampires. No unsuspecting hero that masters her new powers in the space of one novel. And most importantly: No sappy, unrequited romance. (Yes, there’s romance, but they approach it like real people: shy to admit to their feelings at first, insecure about how the others feel, but then they eventually gather the courage to do something about it. No endless, weepy pining.)

Hats off to the author for crafting an engrossing experience and keeping the quality high throughout all the novels. Keep it up!

The Spookshow (Book 1), by Tim McGregor
Space Cruiser Musashi, by Dean Chalmers

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