Metal Boxes, by Alan Black

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Metal Boxes by [Black, Alan]

Metal Boxes

Good stuff! This was my introduction to Alan Black, and I’m sure glad I found him. He’s a reliable source for a rousing tale, full of action and avoiding the stereotypes of his genre when he can.

This book is all I’ve learned to expect from Alan Black. It’s a little off the path of most science fiction novels, with a main character that’s more a misfit than a swashbuckling hero. But as you might guess, he does eventually come into his own.

Very good editing and the author shows a serious talent for storytelling. I feel like I know the characters well, and the world-building is very succinct and clear.

And finally, the ultimate test: I lost track of time as I read this, becoming fully involved in the character’s struggles and really rooting for him. Pick this book up for some good entertainment.

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