Traitor’s Blade (The Greatcoats), by Sebastien de Castell

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Traitor's Blade (The Greatcoats) by [de Castell, Sebastien]

Traitor’s Blade (The Greatcoats)

For about the first third of the book, I was really enjoying this as a fast-moving, light-hearted adventure tale. But sometimes a reader can identify the magical moment when a book crosses from good to great; from fun to memorable. For me, (don’t worry – no spoilers here) that was when Falcio said “Watch out for the arrow.”

At that moment I realized I was reading something that was exquisitely plotted and prepared, with rich characters that I truly cared about, living in a world I could see with perfect clarity.

The only negative I can mention is that I read this book in January, and I think I’ve already found the book I’m going to be telling others was the best book I read in 2016. (Update – it’s October now, and yes, this is still the best book of 2016).

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